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Fanuc System 10 and series 11 master board alarm codes
Fanuc System 10 and series 11 master board alarm codes
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Fanuc master board alarm codes 10/11 controls

master board alarm

Fanuc System 10 and series Fanuc 11 master board alarm codes


Display: A.
Description: MDI Connection Failure.
Repair: Check fiber optic cable connection between control and MDI/CRT unit.

Display: C.
Description: MDI Failure.
Repair: Check the type (9", 14", etc.) of CRT/MDI unit or the edition number of NC software.
Connecting unit for operators panel or connecting cable is defective.

Display: F.
Description: Connection failure of connection unit or I/O cards D1-D3
Repair: Check fiber optic cable connections between units.
Replace Master PCB, Connection unit, I/O Board, Fiber Optic Cable
Failed I/O module in I/O base unit.

Display: H.
Description: Connection failure I/O.
Repair: Connection unit 2 or its connecting cable defective.

Display: c.
Description: Transfer error through fiber optic cable.
Repair: Check front panel fanuc power supply.
Replace Master PCB, MDI PCB, Connection unit PCB, I/O Unit, Fiber Optic cable.

Display: J.
Description: PC or interface converter not functioning.
Repair: Check PC-ROM cassette, PC Ram board, or interface convertor is mounted on Master PCB.

Display: L.
Description: Waiting for PC ready.
Repair: Replace PC ROM, PC ROM cassette or PC RAM Board.
Check PMC program.

Display: b.
Description: RAM check error.
Repair: Replace Master or ROM/RAM board.

Display 8.
Description: RAM check
Repair: Check power supply, Clear memory and reload parameters, Replace Master Board

Display: d.
Description: Power supply ready signal
Repair: Replace power supply, Master PCB

Display: E.
Description: System Error
Repair: Replace Master PCB , ROM PCB, or NC Software ROM
Wrong option parameters
No message on CRT Clear Memory

Display: O.
Description: IPL MODE

Display: 1
Description: Normal Operation

Display: 4.
Description: Bad ACP
Repair: Replace ACP daughter board.

Display: Others
Description: System Error.
Repair: Replace fanuc master PCB, NC Software, ROM or ROM PCB

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