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Fanuc G Codes
Fanuc G Codes
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Fanuc G Codes

Fanuc G Code generally is a code telling the CNC machine tool what type of action to perform

Some Common Fanuc G Codes
G00Fast positioning
G01Linear interpolation
G02CW circular interpolation
G03CCW circular interpolation
G10/G11Data writing / Data write cancel
G17X-Y plane selection
G18X-Z plane selection
G19Y-Z plane selection
G20Programming in inches
G21Programming in mm
G28Return to home position
G31Skip function (used for probes and tool length measurement )
G33Constant pitch threading
G34Variable pitch threading
G40Tool radius compensation off
G41Tool radius compensation left
G42Tool radius compensation right
G90Absolute programming
G91Incremental programming
G94/G95Inch per minute/Inch per revolution feed
G96/G97Constant cutting speed (Constant surface speed) Constant rotation speed (constant RPM)
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