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Fanuc Master Pcb board tips on shipping to us help.
Fanuc Master Pcb board tips on shipping to us help.
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Fanuc Master PCB Board. how to ship

fanuc master pcb

Guide to sending in Fanuc Master Pcb Boards

For any customers wishing to send in the Fanuc masterboard for repair whilst retaining all their parameters and programs please follow the below steps.

It is important to remember when following the below steps that the batteries on the battery leads should not be disconnected whilst the fanuc control is powered off. This will result in total loss of all parameters programs etc..

  1. Check the voltage of at the back of the battery box is 4.5 Volts if not replace the 3 batteries with new ones with the fanuc control power on
  2. With the control powered on locate the battery, Unscrew the top two screws and remove the lid to reveal the four smaller screws inside. Unscrew the four screws and fasten back on the lid of the battery box with the two top screws. This enables you to switch of the control and slide the battery box out of the fixture without disconnecting it from the masterboard. if the battery cable is hard to remove from the trunking you can disconnect it from the master board ( on OA and OB controls ) or from the memory card on OC controls with the control power on then remove the battery cable from the machine trunking so and reconnect it to the master board or the Fanuc memory card now the control can be powered off and the battery and the master board can be removed as the two photos on this page

You can now unscrew the masterboard packing both the battery and masterboard up safely for delivery to us. Any problems or questions about the above please contact us. Fanuc Part - Fanuc Servo AMP - Fanuc Drive Card Axis - Fanuc Spindle PCB - Fanuc Parts - Alpha Drive Board - Fanuc Beta Servo Motors - Fanuc Beta - Fanuc Spares - Fanuc alpha power supply

fanuc master

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