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Fanuc Boards, Fanuc Masterboards, Control Cards, Servo, Memory PCB
Fanuc Boards, Fanuc Masterboards, Control Cards, Servo, Memory PCB
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Fanuc Boards. Masterboards, Control, Servo, Memory, Axis.

Fanuc Boards

Fanuc Boards over the years Fanuc have manufactured 1000+ Fanuc Boards. The range covers Master board, Control cards, Drive Cards, Memory Cards, Punch Cards and so much more. Here at Pennine we carry a huge selection of stock as you can see from below we can offer these on a service exchange basis or outright sale (subject to stock).

As the years progressed both the software and hardware technology has changed for example the move from early fanuc board design of socket mounted IC's to the latest Surface Mount Device technology. This has kept our repair and test department on their toes and they have had to adept to different methods of test and repair for various cards. We pride ourselves on state of the art test equipment and a vast technical knowledge to offer the best fanuc repair and test service we can offer, So if your Fanuc Board develops a fault it is always worth getting in contact and seeing how our service can be of use to you.

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