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Fanuc Alpha Power Supply Alarm Codes
Fanuc Alpha Power Supply Alarm Codes
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Fanuc Alpha Power Supply Fault Codes

alpha psu fault codes

Fanuc Alpha Power Supply Alarm Codes for 6081, 6083, 6077, 6087, 6091, 6120, 6140 And 6110 Series PSU Modules

AL01 The main circuit power module (IPM) has detected am Error (PSM-5.5,-11)
Overcurrent flows into the input of the main circuit (PSM-15 to 30)

AL02 A cooling fan for the control circuit has stopped

AL03 The Temperature of the main circuit heat sink has risen abnormally

AL04 In the main circuit the DC voltage (DC Link) has dropped

AL05 The main circuit capacitor was not recharged within the specified time

AL06 The Input Power Supply is abnormal (open phase)

AL07 In the main circuit the DC Voltage at the DC link is abnormally high

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